Steganography 1.7.1 Full Versionfiber_new

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This software called Steganography is a software developed from a technique called Steganography. Steganography (steganography) is the science and art of hiding secret messages (hiding messages) so that the message’s existence (existence) is not detected by the human senses. The word steganoraphi itself comes from Greek, which means “covered writing”. Steganography requires two properties: a container and confidential data to be hidden. Digital steganography uses digital media as a container, for example, images, sound, text, and video. Confidential data that is hidden can also be in the form of images, sounds, text, or videos.

How to use:

  1. This software is full version, so no need to regster it again.
  2. To hide files, use the option in the Hide column. Step 1, enter the parent file (the file where other files / messages are inserted). Then go to step 2, to hide the file select the file menu and if you just want to hide the message, click “New Message”, then click next. Finally, step 3, enter the password you want, if left blank it means we don’t need a password when extracting the hidden files / messages. Then click “Hide” and save the resulting file, you can replace it with the main file or create a new name.
  3. To extract hidden files, use the Unhide menu. Step 1, enter the resulting file from the previous merger. Proceed to step 2, enter the password if you previously used a password when combining the files. Finally, click “Unhide”, then the file info / message hidden in it will be displayed. To view the message or even extract the file, you just need to double-click on the info. Then the command will appear to save the file if what you are hiding is a file and a message box will appear if what you previously hid was a message.
  4. Done.

Steganography 1.7.1 Full Versionfiber_new



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Steganography 1.7.1 Full Version

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