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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a software utility that can restore files or data that have been lost on storage media such as USB flash disks, hard drives and other storage media. This data loss is usually caused by many things such as errors when formatting the hard drive, being infected with a virus, or because a program is not running properly. In fact, with this recovery software, you can restore files / data that you accidentally or accidentally deleted.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery can restore previously deleted files without damaging the files. This software recovery works by retrieving information on lost data on FAT and NTFS file systems and saving it into a new file. Apart from that, this software is also capable of recovering damaged partitions, email recovery, disk cloning, deep scanning, drive status and RAW recovery from CD and USB disk.

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery supports all existing file systems, such as FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5. Apart from that, this best recovery software also supports Windows 7 and Vista. This software can work quickly in searching for files that are still there and that have been deleted, and also quickly perform recovery of these files. Here are the complete features for data recovery:

  1. Quick Recovery, this software is able to recover quickly without damaging files.
  2. Deleted File Recovery, restores files from the partition you choose.
  3. Formatted / Lost File and Folder Recovery, restores all data from all existing partitions.
  4. Search Lost Volume, restore lost or deleted partitions.

As previously explained, this recovery software has a Disk Cloning facility, with this facility, you can make replicas of the contents of your hard drive. This is usually done to backup the OS (Operating System). In addition, with Drive Status, we can see the status of the hard drive such as brand, serial number, temperature, etc.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a solution for those of you who have lost data on your hard drive or other storage media. This software is able to restore data even though the hard disk cannot boot at all. And it can restore data even though the data or file has been deleted from the recycle bin.

With the full version, you can use all of these features. Especially with the size of the software that is not too big, of course this software is very good to use if you experience data loss cases.

How To Install:

  1. First install Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
  2. When finished, don’t open the application yet.
  3. Next, to make the full version, open the patch file that you downloaded, then click patch.
  4. Done

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Full Versionfiber_new



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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Full Version

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