Terms Of Service

REMO-XP.NET has a number of rules in the information service to be considered carefully, as follows:
  1. REMO-XP presents information about software tips and tutorials that are presented in a very simplified language, so that it is easily understood by users, if there is writing without quotes / references from other sites or books, and if you are the author of the site or the book is not acceptable we make it as a reference or we forget to include the source, please write a comment on the article or contact us on theĀ contact page, to follow up on the article.
  2. REMO-XP also inserts images in writing to provide illustrations and complete message delivery. The image used is also a category on the Google image search engine. Therefore, if you are the owner of the image, you are not pleased with the image we use on this web, please write a comment on the article or contact us through the contact page.
  3. REMO-XP does not allow anyone to duplicate content on this web either in part or in whole for the purpose of publishing on other sites (online). If there are individuals who are already / are / are going to commit the crime of this publication, please immediately delete the duplicated content. Duplicate content is copyright infringement and if this service rule is ignored, the site is ready to be reported to Google (DMCA).
  4. REMO-XP provides an opportunity to quote one sentence, paragraph, or part of the content (not all) only for the purpose of offline publication or needed as a reference / supplement to scientific work.
If there are things that are unclear or want to be confirmed, do not hesitate to contact us via the email address listed on the contact page.

Updated: September 29, 2017

Thus these Terms of Service are made seriously to be considered and applied by all users.
Thank you..
REMO-XP Administrator