Windows 10 RS4 Build 17107 All In One (x86/x64) – Sejak dirilisnya Windows 10 ke publik pada Juli 2015 silam, Windows 10 langsung mendapat respon positif dari publik, karena penambahan beberapa fitur barunya, salah satunya adalah Task View dimana fitur ini dapat kamu gunakan untuk berpindah dari aplikasi ke aplikasi lainnya seperti halnya pada Android, serta fitur ini dapat digunakan untuk menggunakan 2 desktop dalam waktu bersamaan.

Windows 10 AIO adalah kumpulan edisi sistem operasi yang dijadikan 1 installer untuk mempermudah proses installasi, jadi kamu bisa memilih edisi apa yang di install, mulai dari Windows 10 Single Language, Pro, Education, Enterprise dan lainnya.

  • Name: Windows 10
  • Version: 10 RS4 Build 17107
  • Size: 2,9 Gb/4,0 Gb
  • Type File: Rar
  • Medicine: Trial
  • Platform: OS Windows
  • Developer: Microsoft

Whats Included ? 
– Windows 10 Single Language
– Windows 10 Pro
– Windows 10 Pro N
– Windows 10
– Windows 10 N
– Windows 10 Education Retail
– Windows 10 Enterprise
– Windows 10 Enterprise N
– Windows 10 S
– Windows 10 S N

Whats New ? 
01. They fixed an issue where Settings would crash when you tried to open Themes.
02. They fixed an issue where the Settings tile didn’t have a name if you pinned it to Start.
03. They’ve updated About Settings to include at a glance entries for the two new Windows Defender pillars (Account Protection and Device Security).
04. They fixed a typo in Storage Sense Settings.
05. They fixed an issue resulting in all dropdowns in Settings appearing blank until clicked.
06. They fixed an issue that could result in Settings crashing after having navigated to and left Sound Settings.
07. They fixed an issue where closing certain apps after using in-app search could result in them hanging on the splash screen the next time they were launched.
08. They fixed an issue where plugging in an external optical drive (DVD) will cause an Explorer.exe crash.
09. They fixed an issue resulting in the hamburger button in Windows Defender overlapping the home button.
10. They fixed an issue where certain games using Easy Anti Cheat could result in the system experiencing a bugcheck (KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED).
11. They fixed an issue where They had observed seeing longer-than-normal delays during install at the 88% mark. Some delays were as long as 90 minutes before moving forward.
12. They fixed an issue resulting in the Windows Defender offline scan not working in recent builds.
13. Some Insiders may have noticed a new message when holding down the power button which says “Please release the power button. They just need a few more seconds to shut down”. This is an Insider-only feature that gathers additional diagnostic data for situations where holding down the power button was used to recover an unresponsive or nonfunctional system.  It is important to note that holding down the power button is not the appropriate way to shutdown/reboot a system that is functioning properly. See this support page for additional information on how to properly shutdown your PC.


Download Links

Windows 10 RS4 Build 17107 All In One (x86/x64)

Part Link [email protected] Mb

Part Link [email protected] Mb

Password :

Hardware Requirements
  1. Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.
  2. RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  3. Free hard disk space: 16 GB.
  4. Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.
  5. A Microsoft account and Internet access.

Happy downloading^_^